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3460 Naglee Rd., Tracy, CA 95304
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Are You Trading In?

Come to Premier CJR of Tracy, where you bring a pre-owned model and leave with a brand new model, a payment in hand, or a fantastic offer to consider.

A Simple Way to Sell Your Car

Swing by our convenient Tracy, CA location and leave with a firm offer for your vehicle!

Introduce us to your car

Introduce us to your car

If you're ready to sell, we're ready to buy.

Look over our offer

Look over our offer

When we offer to buy your car, the offer stands for seven days and will not change. You can either take the amount or use it as a trade-in amount!

Make the deal

Make the deal

We will be here for you, whether you decide to take the payment, use the funds for a trade-in offer, or think about it.

Access a free offer from CDJR of Tracy Today

We will buy your car, even if you don't go car shopping. Make an appointment below and get an offer today!

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How Do We Come Up With an Offer?

We have highly-skilled appraisers who look over multiple factors that influence your vehicle's worth.

Vehicle condition

Vehicle Condition

The overall condition of the vehicle will be assessed through an interior and exterior inspection. We will look over the vehicle and ensure that it is updated and in good condition!

Features & Options

Features & Options

We can explore the add-ons like Apple CarPlay and other accessories that make the vehicle more valuable. Even a new set of tires can help increase the value!

Vehicle History Report

Vehicle History Report

The vehicle history report tells us exactly how many accidents (if any) that the vehicle has went through, as well as any major maintenance jobs.

How your car drives

How Your Car Drives

We will explore the mechanical feature of your vehicle, to ensure it is driveable when we purchase.

What You Will Need to Sell or Trade In

If you want to sell or trade in your model, bring your title, ID, and all of the title holders and we can talk!

Car Title

Vehicle Title

Bring your car's title and/or payoff information. All titleholders should be present at the time of the deal. If your car has a lien on it, we'll need a release of lien.


Updated Registration

Bring a valid and updated vehicle registration with you, which confirms your ownership.

Valid ID

Valid Identification

You must have a valid state-issued photo ID or DL.


Car Keys

Bring in all key fobs, remotes, and keys. Your offer might adjusted if the originals are missing.

Q & A

Can I sell you my car without buying one from you/trading it in?

Yes, the offer doesn't change.

Do you provide online offers?

Some markets do offer trade-in proposals online. Ask our dealer about this!

How do you generate offers?

We review the NADA value of your vehicle, in reference to current market conditions. We look over the year, make, model, mileage, and vehicle history report as well. We also assess the vehicle's overall condition, so wear and tear on the exterior or interior might play a role in your offer. If we find that significant repairs are needed, we will adjust our offer. While we admire shiny cars, we value long-term maintenance over chipped paint.

How will I get paid?

If you've provided us with all of the necessary paperwork, we will pay you with a bank draft on the same day. This type of payment is guaranteed and will be available through the issuing bank. You can deposit this draft directly, but not cash it. If you have questions about deposits or policies, reach out to your financial institution.

Do you purchase leased vehicles?

Certainly! You would generally sell your leased vehicle in the same way you would with a financed model. We would need to appraise it, contact the leasing corporation for a payoff, and then process any negative equity (if any), before giving an offer! However, some leasing companies simply will not allow this before your lease expires. Your leased vehicle might also not be eligible for trade-in tax savings.

Can I sell a vehicle on behalf of a company?

Contact our team if you would like to sell a model on behalf of a company.

What if my current auto loan balance is higher than your offer?

This is what we call being "upside down" on a loan, or "negative equity." Sometimes the negative balance can be factored into the financing of the new auto loan. If this is not possible, we can calculate the difference and have you pay it to us directly. Ask about our options!

What things do I need to sell my vehicle?

Bring the title, current/valid registrations, a valid state-issued ID for all title holders, all keys, key fobs, and remotes.

Do I have to sell my vehicle on location?

Yes, you would need to come to our dealership in Tracy, California to ultimately trade in the vehicle.

Does this require an appointment?

No! You can simply walk in and let us know what you would like to do, and we will quickly get you an offer.

Written Offer

Get a written offer that stays valid for 7 days

You can enjoy a full week to mull over the offer. When you're ready, trade in or sell us your vehicle!

Leave with a payment today

We can issue a bank draft on the spot, which ensures you get paid now. All you have to do is bring the necessary paperwork and accessories!

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